Eight. Inventory 2

READING ABOUT how some Olympic swimmers might have had an unfair advantage…due to the pool itself!

COOKING Roasted Chicken Provençal from the New York Times.

DEALING WITH this, meaning a slight delay in our basement-bound office.

LISTENING TO Obla Dobla De, by The Que Pastas.  Not just for kids!

LAUGHING ABOUT the places we find food in this house.  Like Jacob’s hair.  Have a great weekend, and may your green beans always be right where you left them!



2 thoughts on “Eight. Inventory 2

  1. I had some trouble with the science around the swimming thing, but I think it’s fascinating that the pool itself is to blame!

    That plum torte looks good! I’ll have to try it. I have a pie crust sitting in my fridge that I need to use, too….maybe I should poke around in the NYT food section some more.


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