Eleven. Inventory 3

READING ABOUT A Roadmap for Making Major Life Decisions.  I don’t know how much of it is a road map, but I think it’s a great exercise for really narrowing down your values and goals for important areas in your life.  Lindsey’s exercise is definitely one that I’m hoping to find time to work through soon.

THINKING ABOUT making quilts.  We recently split Jacob and Libby into their own rooms, and each has a twin bed and a crib.  The issue is that they are extra-long twin beds, and I’m having trouble finding bedding that I like.  Of course, it turns out that I’m also having trouble finding an extra-long twin quit pattern, too, and having never made a quilt before, I’m a little hesitant to try my hand at lengthening a pattern.  Maybe I wouldn’t need to?  Maybe a regular twin would fit?  Still, a friend sent me this one, and I’m intrigued.

ALSO THINKING ABOUT Fall footwear.  As in, I could use some, and it never occurred to me that Birkenstock makes shoes other than sandals and clogs.  I’m sort of eyeing these. (I also like these and these and….sorry, Chris.)

CHUCKLING AT the elderly gentleman sitting on the other side of Panera right now who is loudly, eloquently, and passionately reading an X-Men comic book out loud….to himself.  He’s been at it now for 45 minutes straight.  It’s equal parts annoying and endearing.

DIGGING this roundup of Ikea for kids.  Think I know where I’ll start my holiday shopping this year! (We mayyyy have already gotten them this.)

And finally, celebrating the BEST thing to show up in my grocery store in forever!  Hope you have a great weekend enjoying your favorite beverage!


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