Thirteen. Fall Bucket List.


Given that we’re thisclose to Fall, I thought I might share a few things that I’d like to do this time of year, season specific or otherwise.

*(the ubiquitous) Apple picking: because it’s been a few years since Chris and I have gone, and because we’ve never taken Jacob and Libby.

* Dancing: because we’ll be celebrating my cousin and her soon-to-be husband at their wedding very soon!

*The zoo in the fall: because it’s so. darn. hot. in the summer.  I’m thinking it will be downright pleasant in the fall.  Maybe we’ll hit up Boo at the Zoo.  We’d love to go to Ottertoberfest, too, but we have other plans that day.


*Waking up before Jacob and Libby: not really a bucket list item per se, but it’s a habit that I’d really like to start cultivating.  I am not not NOT a morning person, but I’m also ready to actually finish a cup of coffee in the morning without microwaving it 987348 times.

This is basically me every morning.  Nope.

*Finishing this little kangaroo project: because I started it foreverrrrrr ago.  Seriously.  It’s nearly embarrassing how long she’s been half-formed.

*Moving the office downstairs: our radon problem should be handled once and for all next week.  Then, bring it, basement.

*Thinking like a child: because once the office is moved, the current office space is becoming a mudroom/playroom for the kiddos, and we’re starting from scratch.  I’m pretty excited to design an empty room.

*Using the library more: because even though we have a lot of books, we keep reading the same ones over and over and over and chicka chicka boom boom, goodnight moon and llama llama….

It’s a list that’s small and that doesn’t seem like much, but, well, in our house, getting those things done before we hit winter would be a miracle!

Hope you’re planning on finding some time this fall to share with the ones you love.



(first and last photos by the lovely and talented Alex)


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