Fourteen. Inventory 4

Hoping you have something fun planned to start Autumn off this weekend!  We have nothing big planned but are hoping to get out and enjoy some cooler weather (and are seriously hoping the gnats disappear.  If you know why they exist, please enlighten me, because I can’t figure it out!)


LOVING this quote from one of my favs: “I think we might be going all medieval when it comes to our sense of leisure, thinking that working all the time is normal and that there is no such thing as down time.

FEELING INSPIRED BY this house tour.  Loving the shelves with the toys and the fairy door!  Such a cute (and helpful) idea.

TOTALLY INTRIGUED BY Cubetto, a simple toy for teaching kids as young as three basic programming skills.  Bonus!  No screens!

FASCINATED (AND TERRIFIED) BY this article from the NYT on ethnobiology.  “By revealing the elemental secrets of these plants, [researcher Cassandra] Quave has discovered promising candidates for a new generation of drugs that might help resolve one of the greatest threats to public health today: the fact that an increasing number of disease-causing bacteria are rapidly evolving immunity to every existing antibiotic. Without effective antibiotics, common bacterial diseases that are curable today will become impossible to treat; childbirth, routine surgeries and even the occasional nick could turn lethal. The widespread emergence of resistant bacteria already claims 700,000 lives a year globally. Experts conservatively predict that by 2050, they will kill 10 million annually — one person every three seconds.”  What the what??

GIVING ALL THE HEART EYES to this beauty.  One day. You know, when Jacob and Libby aren’t banging metal forks into the table and scratching it to pieces.  A girl can dream, right?

REALLLLY WISHING MY KIDS WERE OLD ENOUGH FOR this.  Not sure of the link between Disney and Iceland, but Iceland, you have my heart.


2 thoughts on “Fourteen. Inventory 4

  1. LOVED that house tour. Their floors! Those built-ins! Their rugs! Had to laugh at the boy’s name – Rex. Reminds me of Empire Records… “It’s Rex Manning Day!”


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