Fifteen. Pseudo-homesickness

Have you ever felt homesickness for a place that you’ve never actually lived?



Chris and I spent two weeks in Iceland for our honeymoon in 2014. Two weeks in late July and early August, that’s all, a nice time for a honeymoon but a really insignificant length of time in reality.

And yet, every time I see a photo of Iceland or a reference to the country, I feel a pull, a longing, a desire, a homesickness for the country. It’s a feeling I’d imagine one would have for a place one has actually lived.

There is something, of course, about the sheer majestic beauty of the country. It’s undeniable.  But the urban landscape is also amazing. We loved the bright and colorful homes and buildings throughout the country and much prefer this to the monotonous colors and styles of homes found so often in the States. We were also won over by the people; everyone that we encountered was friendly, open, and helpful, and we loved Iceland really welcomes and embraces children.

Actually, I also feel this way a little about Amsterdam, which is a place I’ve never been. There is something about it that draws me; when I see other people’s photos of Amsterdam, I feel drawn to them for some reason, and I know I have to get there some day to find out why, just as I know that we’ll get back to Iceland one day, hopefully relatively soon.

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