Seventeen. A Wedding and a Check In



Hi, there!

Just a little check in to say hi!  We’re still here!  And we survived our first wedding as parents!

We’ve been to Virginia and back for my cousin’s wedding to her now-husband, David.  The rain stopped juuuust in time for the wedding, which was at a vineyard, to be outside, and it was quite lovely.  I mean, I think it was a lovely wedding.  We retired to the reception building just after Ashley walked down the isle, as the wedding was on a small island in a lake, and my kids wanted to both run up to the front with the bride and groom and run into the water.

Really, though, the kids were both amazing!  We figured that we’d stay as long as we could, until they started having meltdowns from being exhausted and overwhelmed.  But that never happened!  Even when they were hungry because dinner was later than they were used to, they did great.  We even got to dance for two songs!  What ultimately caused us to leave?  Jacob actually fell asleep in my arms on the dance floor in the middle of Uptown Funk.

We took exactly one photo the entire time, a family selfie with Ashley and David’s inflatable moose head named Steve DaMoose.  We’re sort of kicking ourselves, because we looked good!  We were all dressed up!  This has never happened!  Fortunately, some cousins (thanks, Kurt and Jean!) got some better pictures, but still.  I’m hoping a half decent one of all four of us (where I’m not wearing a diaper bag backpack) surfaces, but sadly, I don’t think that one was ever taken.  Ah well, such is life with toddlers.

Ashley and David, congratulations!  We love you two!

(and yes, Jacob has dirt on his chin.  Because he was eating the vineyard’s dirt, as one does when one is 17 months old…)

2 thoughts on “Seventeen. A Wedding and a Check In

  1. You are so much braver than me. I would have been all over a babysitter!

    I do love the inflatable moose and Chris’ outfit looks vaguely familiar… 😉


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