Eighteen. Inventory 5


Any big weekend plans?  Jacob has been sick all week, and sick means not sleeping through the night, which means Mama and Dada are tirrrrrred.  I think we’ll be laying low and taking it easy.

Hope your weekend is more exciting than ours!


READING “A Conversation about Ableism” and seriously wondering about my own worldview surrounding this.  And thinking about how to raise my children so that they can help break this “spirit-crushing system.”

INTERESTED IN the fact that the #repealth19th trend seemed to be mostly from people against the idea, but still completely horrified that it’s a thing at all.

TAKING and really enjoying this class on setting up our home Montessori style.

AFTER TALKING with a co-working about mansplaining, I really enjoyed finding this article on the “epidemic of manologues.

FELL DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE of Birgitta Sif‘s Instagram page yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I want to be her BFF now.  At the very least, I want to buy her books for Jacob and Libby.


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