Who & What

8.28.14LightingJess278Who is Haile?

I’m Jessica Haile, a daughter, sister, friend, wife, twin momma, and a furry momma. I’m also a recovering English teacher, and I’m especially a lover of coffee and naps.  Mostly, I’m an imperfect woman living in an imperfect world who is trying to appreciate simple joys and to let go of complex worries.


What is hygge?

Hygge (WHOO-guh) is a Danish word that has no real translation in English but that is often translated as a good, cozy feeling.  You might feel hyggeligt (WHOO-guh-lid) at a holiday dinner when you are sitting and talking with your family, or you might feel hyggeligt when you are curled up on the couch under a blanket with a good book and a warm cup of tea watching the snow fall.  It is determined by each individual, yet it can be a shared experience as well.

Hygge is a nod to my husband, who is Danish-American and who grew up in Denmark.  It’s a nod to the fact that our children also have two cultures, and it is a nod to a feeling we hope we are sharing with them as we raise them.